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Ram Charit Manas

By- Anant Pai

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The Ramayana is the oldest poem in Sanskrit.Hence its author is known as the Adi Kavi or pristine Poet.

The Ramayana is an integral part of our heritage. As th story spread far and wide. Variations crept into them.
The most influential version among these is Ram Charit Manas in Hindi,Written by Tulsidas.

Its intial part differs in many ways from the original Ramayana of Valmiki. The Tamil version by Kamban and the Bengali version by Krittivasa too differ at places.The concept of Lakshman Rekha, beyond which Sita was forbidden to go, is fouond only in Krittivasa's Ramayana.

It is Ram Charit Manas that is enacted for ten days till late in th night in thousands of pandals, Set up all over the country. On the tenth day, huge effigies of Ravana are burnt,Signigying the victory of virtue over evil.

In this book,we have spelt the names the way they are pronounced in th Northern and Westeren India.

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